Dundee and Newtyle Railway


This railway is closed. The route included three inclined planes which required stationary steam engines to haul the trains uphill. These steep sections were later deviated by three new railways.

The company provided a service between Dundee and Newtyle. The line was unusual for its time in not being a connection between coal pits and, say, canals.

The original station at Newtyle still stands (probably, see Newtyle [1st].

The line passed for most of its length through the lands of the Earl of Airlie and Lord Wharncliffe.


  /  /    [Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Rosemill Halt closed.
26/05/1826[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Act receives Royal assent, engineer Mr {Charles Landale} ([Elgin Railway] engineer).
  /02/1827[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Work begins on line.
16/12/1831[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Line opened. Stationary engines for inclines were provided by Carmichaels.
  /  /1833[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
2 locomotives for level sections provided by Carmichaels.
  /  /1834[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Locomotive for level sections provided by Stirling & Co (Dundee Foundry).
  /  /1836[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Locomotive for level sections provided by Robert Stephenson.
  /02/1837[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Line extended from Dundee Ward Road station to Earl Grey Dock in Dundee Harbour.
  /  /1855[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Cross Roads station closed.
  /  /1860[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Deviations opened.
08/06/1861[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Dundee Ward Road closed.
  /  /1868[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Newtyle (New) station opened.
01/01/1917[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Lochee West station closed.
01/01/1923Dundee and Newtyle Railway
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10/01/1955[Newtyle Eassie and Glamiss Railway]
[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Alyth Junction to Dundee West closed to passengers.
05/05/1958[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Newtyle Junction to Auchterhouse closed to freight.
25/01/1965[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Auchterhouse to Fairmuir Jnct closed to freight.
  /11/1967[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Lochee closed.
06/11/1967[Dundee and Newtyle Railway]
Fairmuir Junction to Ninewells Junction closed to freight.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This was the Dundee terminus of the line from Newtyle [1st]. The station was just south of the Law incline and Law Tunnel.

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The incline started north of Dundee Ward Road and terminated just south of Law Tunnel.

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Three vintage bolts found by a householder in a garden to the east side of the former Law Incline (between Dundee Ward Road and the Law Tunnel). ...
Ewan Crawford 27/03/2010

This roundel is on the track side of the former station building at Offset at Back of Law / Crossroads in Dundee. Was this a station clock? The ...
Ewan Crawford 27/03/2010

This former station was to the north of Dundee Law and the Law Tunnel. A station house remains standing which was on the east side of the line immediately south of a level crossing with Clepington Road.

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This station was located by the Downfield Tavern where the road north to Baldovan met Strathmartine Road.

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SLS Angus Tour, 20th May 1961

Jim Currie (Courtesy Stephenson Locomotive Society) 20/05/1961

The former line rests on a embankment with a retaining wall here, it is best seen from the north. Encroachment of housing on the north west of the station site has obliterated the goods yard.

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This appears to have been a short public siding with loading bank and small hut immediately to the east of Rosemill level crossing and loop. It was accessed from the east.

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Ex CR Class 3P 54500 passing Rosemill Siding in 1961. This section of line, as far south east as Baldovan, is the original route of the railway. This ...
David Murray-Smith //1961

This incline was 5100 ft long with a 1 in 25 gradient and gained 200 ft. The higher end was to the north with an engine house.

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Very little of the first D&NR remains, this is the point that the trackbed turns to the south, downhill. ...
Brian Forbes 26/05/2007

This halt was at Burnhead. There was a short passing loop on the line crossing a level crossing.

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This was not a true junction, but exists in the Act for the new line which replaced the Hatton Incline approach to Newtyle [1st] from the south.

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This engine house was at the top of the Hatton Incline, south east of Newtyle [1st].

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This was the northern terminus of the Dundee and Newtyle Railway. The terminus building still stands. It is one of the oldest stations in Britain.

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The trainshed of the original Newtyle station, viewed from the south, the direction of the original line approaching from Dundee Wards Road. The ...
Colin Martin 24/06/2017
The original Newtyle station trainshed, viewed from the south west. ...
Colin Martin 24/06/2017
This building is often detailed as 'The Original station at Newtyle.' I am inclined to agree that the location of the 'Old' station is on the original ...
Colin Martin 24/06/2017
The north end of the original Newtyle station showing the platform and building added to the right after conversion for goods. The building's gable ...
Colin Martin 24/06/2017