Strathspey Railway


This railway is closed and is now the Strathspey Way.

The railway provided a service from Boat of Garten to Dufftown. Connections were provided at Craigellachie to Elgin (via the Morayshire Railway) and Dufftown to Aberdeen (via the Keith and Dufftown Railway and the Great North of Scotland Railway). Connections were provided at Boat of Garten to Inverness and Perth (via the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway and later the Highland Railway).


17/05/1861[Strathspey Railway]
Act receives Royal assent for line from Dufftown to Abernethy
01/07/1863[Strathspey Railway]
Line opened from Dufftown to Abernethy via Speyside Junction. Stations opened at: Stations : Strathspey Junction, Aberlour, Carron, Blacksboat, Ballindalloch, Advie, Dalvey, Cromdale, Grantown and Abernethy.
  /  /1864[Morayshire Railway]
[Strathspey Railway]
Craigellachie renamed Dandaleith and Strathspey Junction renamed Craigellachie.
05/07/1865[Strathspey Railway]
Extension from Abernethy to Boat of Garten authorised.
30/07/1866[Strathspey Railway]
[Great North of Scotland Railway]
Strathspey Railway absorbed by Great North of Scotland Railway.
01/08/1866[Strathspey Railway]
Abernethy to Boat of Garten opened.
01/11/1867[Strathspey Railway]
Abernethy renamed Nethy Bridge.
  /  /1868[Strathspey Railway]
Dalvey closed.
01/09/1868[Strathspey Railway]
Advie closed.
01/09/1868[Strathspey Railway]
Advie (New) opened, 1.21 km east of former station.
  /  /1869[Strathspey Railway]
Knockando opened (Private).
01/07/1899[Strathspey Railway]
Dalbeallie Distillery siding converted to a station - Dalbeallie.
  /  /1905[Strathspey Railway]
Knockando renamed Knockando House Halt.
  /  /1905[Strathspey Railway]
Dalbeallie renamed Knockando.
  /  /1958[Strathspey Railway]
Railcar used on Speyside line.
18/10/1965[Strathspey Railway]
Advie closed.
18/10/1965[Strathspey Railway]
Boat of Garten to Craigellachie closed to passengers.
18/10/1965[Strathspey Railway]
Aberlour closed.
06/05/1968[Keith and Dufftown Railway]
[Morayshire Railway]
[Strathspey Railway]
Elgin to Craigellachie to Keith Junction closed to passengers.
04/11/1968[Strathspey Railway]
Boat of Garten to Aberlour closed to freight.
04/11/1968[Morayshire Railway]
[Strathspey Railway]
Elgin East to Craigellachie closed to freight.
15/11/1971[Strathspey Railway]
Aberlour to Craigellachie to Dufftown closed to freight.