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Keith (1856-1858)
Keith Junction [Station] (1858-1980)
Keith (1980-)

Opened on the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway.

Opened on the Buckie and Portessie Branch (Highland Railway).

Opened on the Great North of Scotland Railway.

Open on the Aberdeen to Inverness.

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This is a one platform station, with a second out of use platform on the former route to Dufftown. There is a passing loop to the east of the station, inconvenient when trains are running late.

This station started as the terminus of the Great North of Scotland Railway from Aberdeen Waterloo, the end of an extension from Huntly, opened in 1856. There was a goods yard to the south and engine shed to the east.

The terminus was covered by a trainshed. In 1858 a through platform was added on the north side, also passing under the trainshed. This was the platform of the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway which made a junction with the first line just east of the station, at Keith Junction.

The original terminal platforms were also used for services on the Banff, Portsoy and Strathisla Railway when that line opened in 1859.

In 1862 a further platform was added to the south to serve the Keith and Dufftown Railway which also made a connection to the original line just east of the station, at Keith Junction.

The station was rebuilt a number of times and greatly expanded. A bay was added at the west end for the Highland Railway. A signal box, Keith West Signal Box, controlling the westbound line was erected on a gantry over the line. There was an engine shed from the start at the west end for the Inverness trains, Keith Shed [HR]. The goods yard there was initially to the north of the line but expanded to the south of it, approached from the west.

Keith Junction was re-aligned to cease favouring the bay platforms and instead favour the Dufftown platform and then again in the late 1960s to remove the kink where the Inverness route started. The Dufftown line closed to passengers in 1968, except occasional tour trains. The bay platforms lines were lifted around 1970.

The large station buildings were demolished around 1987 although the canopy on the Inverness-Aberdeen platform was retained and connected to the replacement station building. The bays at the east end were infilled.

The west end goods sidings and engine shed are gone, the sidings site now being the car park.

The east end goods sidings remain and the engine shed, Keith Shed [GNSR] [2nd], was replaced with a depot for Chivas Brothers, now out of use. There is a goods shed and loading bank - both awaiting future uses.

The Dufftown platform line no longer runs through to Dufftown, but is used by the Royal Scotsman on its visits.

In the future, Keith loop may be extended west and a second platform provided.



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