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Drummuir (1862-1968)
Drummuir (2003-)

Opened on the Keith and Dufftown Railway.

Open on the Keith and Dufftown Railway [Preserved].

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This is a single platform station on the Keith and Dufftown Railway (Preserved). Today it has minimal facilities but historically it was a pleasant station of two platforms with station buildings.

When first opened it had no loop and a single platform, which later became southbound platform, which is the platform in use today.

It became a two platform station with a passing loop. The main station building was on the original platform, with a waiting room opposite.

The goods yard was on the east side and approached from the north end, with a goods shed behind the southbound platform and a loading bank.

Two signal boxes opened in 1895. The east box was on the west side of the north end of the loop opposite the goods yard turn out. The west box was on the east side at the south end.

Both boxes and the loop (the northbound line) closed in 1966. The station closed in 1968.

The station was re-opened by the Keith and Dufftown Railway (Preserved) in 2003. The trackbed required considerable clearance before re-opening as it was last used in 1991.

A shed was erected at the north end of the station, west side of the line. This has since been relocated to Dufftown.


Keith and Dufftown Railway

Drummuir Castle is to the west , Botriphnie Church is also to the west but closer. To the east is the town of Drummuir.


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