Nethermill Junction

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Nethermill Junction (1837-1861)

Opened on the Newtyle, Eassie and Glamiss Railway.

Opened on the Newtyle and Coupar Angus Railway.


This junction was north of Newtyle [1st]. South from the junction the line was joint Newtyle, Eassie and Glammiss Railway and Newtyle and Coupar Angus Railway, the owners of the routes east and west respectively from the junction.

There was a building in the 'V' of the junction.

One or other of the curves were disused at various stages.

Ultimately both curves were replaced by new curves as improvements to the layout were made.

The curve to the west was replaced by a gentler one, the old alignment being obliterated by the new connection to Alyth Junction - this curve crossed the B954 by a removed bridge which was located between the later two bridges. To the east, closer to the junction, such was the tightness of the curve that both later alignments were to the south. Going west of the B954 the trackbed was reused to Ardler Junction.

The curve to the east was entirely abandoned. It was at a lower level and can be seen from the trackbed of the replacement curves. This curve was replaced by a new alignment to the west which allowed trains from Dundee to access the Alyth branch using a new platform to the north of Alyth Junction and a new connection east of that station.

The equivalent junction on the new layout was Newtyle Junction, just to the south.



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