Newtyle Junction

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Newtyle Junction (1868-1958)

Opened on the Dundee and Newtyle Deviations (Scottish Central Railway).

Opened on the Newtyle, Eassie and Glamiss Railway.

Opened on the Newtyle and Coupar Angus Railway.


This junction was north of Newtyle. It was where the northern end of an 1868 deviation through Newtyle [2nd] to avoid the 1831 Hatton Incline met the existing later lines.

Additionally this was, from the same date, the junction between the Coupar Angus and Glamis routes, replacing an older junction to the north at Nethermill Junction (closed 1861). There was an easement of the curve at Nethermill for the Coupar Angus route and a new 'flyover' connection was made to Alyth Junction, which connected to the 1861 Alyth Railway (a different destination from the earlier eastbound fork).

There was a double track section between Newtyle Junction and the west end of Newtyle [2nd] station on an otherwise single track network. The double track section commenced as a single line south of the junction doubling to its immediate south.

Newtyle [1st], to the south, was retained as a goods yard, the line south of the former station via the Hatton Incline closing.

There was a turntable in the 'V' of the junction, approached fro the north, useful for services terminating or commencing at the old and new stations.

The signal box was on the west side of the junction.

The junction box closed in 1941 after which the west and east routes ran as two parallel single lines to Newtyle [2nd]. This involved removing the crossovers at the former junction and modifying the junction end of Newtyle [2nd] station. It was a wartime economy which remained in place afterwards, reducing the number of signalboxes at Newtyle to one. The connection to Newtyle [2nd] remained.

The Alyth branch closed to passenger in 1951.

The Newtyle [2nd to Ardler Junction line closed in 1952 (officially 1953), not long after the serious accident at Ardler Junction. Newtyle [2nd] was effectively a terminus until passenger trains were withdrawn in 1955.

South from Newtyle Junction to Auchterhouse [2nd] (excluded) closed altogether in 1958 (officially 1961). With this, the location ceased to be any form of junction.

The approach to Newtyle [1st] remained until 1964.

Today the formation remains and the trackbed can be walked.