Coupar Angus

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Coupar Angus (1837-1967)

Opened on the Scottish Midland Junction Railway.

Opened on the Newtyle and Coupar Angus Railway.

Opened on the Blairgowrie Branch (Scottish Midland Junction Railway).


This was a three platform station. With an island platform on the west side - the outer face being for the Blairgowrie branch and down platform (with canopied building) and down platform (timber building) on the east side. Both sides of the station had goods loops. Access to the platforms was by a large footbridge over the goods loops on the west and east sides of the station.

The goods yard was on the west side of the station and access from the north. This was grouped into two sets of sidings - a northern set with goods shed and southern with loading banks and crane.

The station was large enough to require two signal boxes - north (north side of the line at the east end) and south (south of the line at the west end), and in addition beyond this to the west was a gate box (north side of the line east of the level crossing). To the south of the station the mainline and Blairgowrie branch line ran westwards in parallel to the point of separation, south of the Queen Street level crossing.

In 1939 the south box and gate box were replaced with a single new box, on the south side of the line at the level crossing. This was also known as south box. The box was a variant of the LMS Type 12, but without the bay window.

The branch to Blairgowrie closed in 1966.

The station and line closed to passengers in 1967. The railway was singled with the eastbound line being closed and lifted. The north box closed. The goods yard remained open.

The south box survived passenger closure as it controlled the level crossing. It closed in 1982 when the line closed completely. The box remained in place following line closure for a few years. The goods yard also survived passenger closure, handling agricultural lime.

The platforms remained until the 1990s before being cleared. The site is now partly built over. The A94 occupies the trackbed going west.


Station LMS Type 12

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