Ardler Junction

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Ardler Junction (1861-1952)

Opened on the Newtyle and Coupar Angus Railway.

Opened on the Scottish Midland Junction Railway.


This was the junction between the Strathmore mainline Perth - Forfar [2nd] - Kinnaber Junction and the curve from the Dundee and Newtyle Railway. This allowed through running from Dundee West to Coupar Angus and Blairgowrie.

The curve was originally part of the Newtyle and Coupar Angus Railway. The Newtyle and Coupar Angus Railway was closed in 1847 for reconstruction as a standard gauge double track main line railway as part of the Scottish Midland Junction Railway. The curve from Ardler Junction to Nethermill was not converted, the former Newtyle, Eassie and Glamiss Railway being used instead.

With the opening of the Alyth Railway the Glamis curve was closed and the Ardler Junction curve re-opened. Trains for the east and Alyth reversed at Ardler station.

The junction was double, although the Newtyle route rapidly dropped to a single track just east of the junction. The box was on the south side of the junction. It was rebuilt in 1913 after a fire.

There was a serious crash at Ardler Junction in 1948 between a southbound postal on the mainline and a Dundee West to Blairgowrie local.

The junction closed in 1952. The formation still exists, in use as farm tracks. A lineside building still stands on the south side of the former junction.