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Newtyle [2nd] (1868-1955)

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Opened on the Dundee and Newtyle Deviations (Dundee and Perth Railway).


This was a three platform station in the north of Newtyle. It had a passing loop, which opened with the station. Trains from Dundee West divided, or connected, here at the station to continue to both Blairgowrie and Alyth. Initially two parallel single track lines ran north from the station. This was modified in 1881 into an extension of the stations's loop as far as Newtyle Junction where the lines parted.

The main station building was in timber, located on the southbound platform. There was a bay platform on the down (northbound) platform, for Alyth trains. The brick signal box, opened in 1880, was located to the south west, across the B954 road bridge from the platforms, and on the north side of the line. (From road level it was tall as the line was raised above road level, with the box sitting on top of a stone base.) Nearby was a turntable, Newtyle Junction Turntable.

There were no goods facilities as the nearby Newtyle [1st] became the goods station.

After closure to passengers (1955) and goods (1958) the line was used to store redundant wagons for a time.

Little remains of the station, it is now the site of a house, except a very small portion of the northbound/bay platform. The railway crossed the B954 to the west of the station and the bridge abutments and signal box base remain.




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