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Name and dates

Newton (1873-)

Opened on the Hamilton Branch (Caledonian Railway).

Opened on the Clydesdale Junction Railway.

Opened on the Glasgow Central Railway.

Open on the Newton Line.
Open on the Edinburgh to Glasgow via Shotts.
Open on the Glasgow to Larkhall.
Open on the Hamilton Circle.


This is a two platform station.

The location was formerly a four platform station, the two northern tracks no longer have platforms.

It opened in 1873 replacing Newton [1st], just to the west. The location is at the Hamilton Junction of 1849.

The station was probably relocated due to the opening of the Hallside Steel Works in 1871. This works was alongside the line and just to the south.

When first opened there were two platforms, the present platforms, and a goods bypass to the south which served the Hallside Steel Works and joined the Hamilton Branch.

Not long after opening the Hamilton Circle was completed in 1876 with the extension of the Hamilton Branch through Hamilton Central.

A further two platforms were added to the north with the opening of the Glasgow Central Railway in 1896. In addition there was a goods bypass line to the north of the station.

The station site was countryside, other than the steelworks, and remained so until recent years with the redevelopment of the former works site.

The former goods lines no longer exist on either the north or south sides. Today's northbound pair of lines are used by non-stop west-east services and the platform lines can be used by stopping both west-east services and Hamilton Circle trains.