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Partick West (1896-1964)

Opened on the Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway.


This was a five platform station built on two curves of a triangular junction. There were three platforms on the east-west route from Dumbarton Central to Glasgow Central Low Level (two westbound on either side of an island platform and one eastbound) and two platforms on the east-north route from Possil to Glasgow Central Low Level.

There were no platforms on the west-north curve, however there were sidings which were full enclosed within the triangle of lines served from Partick West Junction.

There was a striking curved building here at platform level, the building on the eastbound east-west platform curved round to become the northbound platform building on the east-north route.

There were subways and stairways to the platforms from Meadow Road and Dumbarton Road.

At the north end of the site two bridges crossed Dumbarton Road, the west-north from Partick West Junction and the east-north from Partick East Junction met at Partick North Junction.

Within the triangle of lines were sidings.

The next station west was Whiteinch Riverside, east was Partick Central and north was Crow Road.

Nothing now remains of the station, largely obliterated by the Clydeside Expressway and a police station. The abutments of the bridges over Dumbarton Road remained for many years after closure, after removal of the girders these had a castellated appearance.



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Chronology Dates

01/10/1896Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway
Line opened to passengers - Possil to Clydebank [CR] and Partick North Junction to Partick East Junction. Dumbarton East, Bowling [CR], Old Kilpatrick, Dalmuir [CR], Kilbowie Road, Clydebank [CR], Yoker [CR], Scotstoun [1st], Victoria Park, Whiteinch [CR], Partick West, Crow Road, Partick Central stations opened.
05/10/1964Glasgow Central Railway
Partick Central to Rutherglen closed to passengers. Partick West, Glasgow Central Low Level, Glasgow Cross, Bridgeton Cross [CR], Dalmarnock and Rutherglen closed. Bridgeton Cross [CR] to Carmyle to Newton closed to passengers. Bridgeton Cross [CR], Parkhead Stadium, Tollcross and Carmyle closed. Partick Central (excluded) to Strathclyde Junction (excluded) closed to all traffic. Bridgeton Cross [CR] to Tollcross (excluded) closed to all traffic. (The Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway also closed to passengers.)
05/10/1964Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway
Possil North to Partick West and Partick West to Dunglass Junction closed to passengers. Possil North, Maryhill Central closed and Partick West, Whiteinch Riverside, Scotstoun East, Scotstoun West, Clydebank Riverside, Kilbowie Road, Dalmuir Riverside, Old Kilpatrick closed.
  /  /1983Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway
Preservation of the alignment between Partick West and Possil, for possible re-opening, is abandoned.

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28/06/2005Demolition of former Lanarkshire and Dunbartonshire Railway embankment


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