Bowling [CR]

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Bowling [CR] (1896-1951)

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Opened on the Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway.


This was an island platform station. The station building was typical of the line. The railway was to the north of and above the town and Bowling Harbour. Entrance was by a subway with a station frontage at street level on the south side of the line. The subway emerged at the west end of the platform.

A curiosity of the station is that the eastbound line was laid straight whereas the westbound face and line were curved. Perhaps because the eastbound line was climbing and a speed restriction would be unhelpful for not stopping trains. the westbound line dropped.

Bowling Quarry was served by a siding on the north side of the station and there was a goods yard on the south side. Both were approached from the east.

A signal box opened here with the line but closed in 1929, replaced with a ground frame. The box was at the east end of the station, north side of the line.

The new (for electrification) 1959 signal box at the competing Bowling had control of the station and Dunglass Junction to its west.

The station closed in 1951 and the line closed in 1964/5.

Large portions of the platform remain. The street level station entrance below remains intact.

To the west is Bowling Tunnel, a very short double track tunnel. Beyond this were Littlemill Distillery Sidings for the Littlemill Distillery which was to the south (sidings were approached from the west).

To the east is Bowling Swing Bridge, now fixed permanently.


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