Partick East Junction

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Partick East Junction (1896-1964)

Opened on the Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway.
Opened on the Clydeside Tramway.


This junction was to the immediate east of Partick West station, that station being built on the lines approaching the junction. This was the east junction of a triangular junction, the northern apex being Partick North Junction and western Partick West Junction.

The signal box was located on the north side of the junction.

To the east of the junction there was an exchange yard for the Clydeside Tramway east of the station. This was a set of dead end sidings located on the south side of the line and approached from the west. The tramway was accessed by reversal from this yard. In the immediate vicinity were sidings from the tramway to the Meadowside Shipbuilding Yard (to the south east, Meadowside Granary (to the south). A little further west the Merkland Lairage was served, the depot sidings having cattle pens.

From the exchange yard a goods line ran west from Partick East Junction along the south side of Partick West station to Partick West Junction.

In 1933 the East Junction box took over the Partick North Junction, the box there closing.

Partick West closed to passengers in 1964. The curve to Partick North Junction was largely out of use by 1964, closed 1965. The signal box closed.

The line remained open, reduced to a single track, for access to the Clydeside Tramway and Partick Centrall (to the east).

Closure to the east was in 1978. Complete closure was in 1980.

The trackbed remained intact and was converted into a footpath in 1988/89. The Clydeside Tramway exchange yard became a petrol station off Castlebank Street.

Demolition of the Meadowside Granary and the building of new flats on its site led to discussion about reopening the line to serve the new up and coming area. Instead the embankment and bridges were entirely removed, described as being to stop the separation between Partick and the new developments. The route of the line has been obliterated and partly built over going west as far as Smith Street.




01/06/1896Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway
Partick North Junction to Partick East Junction opened for goods.
01/10/1896Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway
Line opened to passengers - Possil to Clydebank [CR] and Partick North Junction to Partick East Junction. Dumbarton East, Bowling [CR], Old Kilpatrick, Dalmuir [CR], Kilbowie Road, Clydebank [CR], Yoker [CR], Scotstoun [1st], Victoria Park, Whiteinch [CR], Partick West, Crow Road, Partick Central stations opened.
05/10/1964Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway
Partick North Junction to Partick East Junction closed to all traffic.


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