Meadowside Granary

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Meadowside Granary (1914-1988)

Served by the Clydeside Tramway.


This immense rail served granary dominated the south of Patrick. It was built alongside the north bank of the River Clyde, the Meadowside Quay. It was built to the north of the long quayside warehouses.



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Chronology Dates

  /  /1910Meadowside Quay
Work begins on the Meadowside Granary. The granary was built for the Clyde Navigation Trust under its engineer William Alston.
14/05/1914Meadowside Quay
The Meadowside Granary opens, its first ship to be emptied was the tramp steamer Hornby. The original brick clad building, parallel to the river, consisted of a group of grain silos 100 ft high and, to the east, a eleven floor building for bagged or un-bagged grain. Two rail mounted elevators with a ladder of buckets emptied ships. The granary was rail served. The granary was to be vital in the forthcoming Great War.
  /  /1922Meadowside Quay
Meadowside Granary altered to have a pneumatic system for moving grain.
  /  /1936Meadowside Quay
Work begins to extent the Meadowside Granary to both east and west for the Clyde Navigation Trust.
  /  /1960Meadowside Quay
Meadowside Granary extended to the west with a new large building parallel to the river for the Clyde Port Authority. The extension was built out over the former Partick Saw Mills.
  /  /1967Meadowside Quay
Meadowside Granary extended to the west with a new large building running north-south for the Clyde Port Authority. The granary reaches its maximum extent.
  /  /1976Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway
Rail borne grain from Meadowside Granary ends, and the siding into the granary closes. (The last destination for this grain traffic was the Ballantyne Dumbarton Grain Distillery.)
  /  /1988Meadowside Quay
Meadowside Granary closed.
  /  /2002Meadowside Granary Meadowside Shipbuilding Yard
According to the developers a new development, 'Glasgow Harbour', will only be a success if a light rail system is extended from the city to the area. The site of the Meadowside Granary becomes flats, the Meadowside Shipbuilding Yard (intended office, leisure and retail developments) and Merklands Lairage sites are cleared and not developed. The sites are a mile downstream of Glasgow Harbour's Queens Dock and Princes Dock. During development the neighbouring cyclepath, the intact solum of the Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway, is cleared and partly redeveloped, it being explained that the embankment created a barrier between the development and Partick. The alignment from Smith Street to the Merkland Street Tunnel is obliterated.