Merklands Lairage

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Merklands Lairage (1907-1974)

Served by the Clydeside Tramway.


Merklands Lairage was built in 1907 to replace the older smaller lairage at Yorkhill Quay allowing it to be redeveloped along with Yorkhill Basin. The lairage was west of Meadowside Quay and east of the Clydeholm Shipbuilding Yard. It received foreign animals.

Animals could be driven through the streets to the Bellgrove Cattle Market. At the west end of the site was a goods yard with an island platform with cattle pens, served from the west. There were additional storage sidings. The yard was connected to the Clydeside Tramway which ran along the north side of South Street here.

South of the sidings, west of the lairage building, was the Merklands Timber Yard.

West of the quay was the Whiteinch Ferry, crossing over to the Linthouse on the south bank of the River Clyde.

In 1911 the berth allocation for the quay was for timber and general cargo.

The lairage closed in 1974.


Lairage cattle quay


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According to developers a development, ^Glasgow Harbour^, will only be a success if a light rail system is extended from the city to the area. The site of the Meadowside Granary becomes flats, the Meadowside Shipybuilding Yard (intended office, leisure and retail developments) and Merklands Lairage sites are cleared and not developed. The sites are a mile downstream of Glasgow Harbour^s Queens Dock and Princes Dock. During development the neighbouring cyclepath, the intact solum of the Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway, is cleared and partly redeveloped, it being explained that the embankment created a barrier between the development and Partick. The alignment from Smith Street to the Merkland Street Tunnel is obliterated.