Yorkhill Quay

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Yorkhill Quay

Opened on the Queens Dock Railway Lines.


The west part of this quay is the site of Glasgow's Riverside Museum, the transport museum.

This quay was on the north bank of the River Clyde, east of the River Kelvin. It was also known as Yorkhill Wharf. It was the foreign animal lairage with slaughter houses before this moved west to the Merklands Lairage. Following this, in 1908, it became a general goods quay with a West Basin built (and a very small East Basin at the entry to the Queens Dock). It was rebuilt by Robert McAlpine in concrete from 1906, for the rebuilding the last part of the Kelvinhaugh Shipyard site was subsumed. To the west, on the east bank of the River Kelvin, was the Pointhouse Shipbuilding Yard. To the east the Queens Dock and Stobcross Quay.

In 1911 the berth allocations were
1 & 2 Anchor Line 3, 4 & 5 Anchor Line, United States of America traffic (including whisky)
6 & 8 A Holt & Co traffic for Australia and China
7 & 9 General traffic

Following cessation of maritime traffic the transit sheds found other uses, for example one garage painting VOLKSWAGEN in large letters down the side visible from the nearby Clydeside Expressway and the railway to Partick. A West Highland transport firm was also based here and for a time a car dealership. The transit sheds have all been demolished.

The Yorkhill Basin was memorably visited by the HMY Britannia on the farewell tour round Britain in 1997.

Yorkhill Basin (the west basin) has been filled in around 2006.