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Carmyle (1866-1964)
Carmyle (1993-)

Opened on the Rutherglen and Coatbridge Railway.

Opened on the Glasgow Central Railway.

Open on the Hamilton Circle.


This is a two platform station which was opened in 1993 on the site of a former station.

The original station opened in 1866. It was a two platform station with a goods yard to the north, approached from the east, and a branch south to several pits (a different alignment to the later Glasgow Central Railway line south). A mineral line was later added which ran north from the goods yard to Foxley Colliery Pit No 3. There was a signal box at the east end of the station.

At its height this was to become a four platform station. Two further platforms were opened in 1897 on the Glasgow Central Railway immediately to the north of the existing platforms. The new platforms were sandwiched between the older platforms and the goods yard. The signal box closed and was replaced. The new box, 'Carmyle Junction' was on the south side of the double junction formed directly east of the station - one junction being with the line west to Glasgow Central Low Level and the other with its continuation south east to Newton.

The two original platforms were closed after the new platforms opened, before 1910.

Closure of the station (all four platforms) in 1964 and removal of the main line platforms allowed a new approach to the Clyde Iron Works to be laid just north of the original railway. The platforms on the former Glasgow Central Low Level line remained intact (until the 1990s and construction of the first part of the M74 extension).

Carmyle Junction signal box survived until 1973 when it was replaced by the Motherwell Signalling Centre.



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