Parkhead Stadium

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Parkhead [CR] (1897-1952)
Parkhead Stadium (1952-1964)

Opened on the Glasgow Central Railway.

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This was a two platform station. Station buildings were at platform level with glazed canopies. There was a signal box (Parkhead Station box 1897-1963) at the east end, north side of the line, and no goods yard. The station was located in a shallow cutting.

The station was just east of Celtic Park stadium.

The box closed in 1963 and line and station in 1964.

The cutting, just south of West Whitby Street (formerly Winston Street), has been filled in.

The next station west was Bridgeton (the now disused island platform at that station) and the line ran under London Road to reach Parkhead.

To the east the next station was Tollcross, although much closer were sidings for various works at Tollcross, controlled by Parkhead East Signal Box.

Parkhead Tram Depot was to the north.


Celtic Park Stadium




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