Parkhead East Signal Box

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Parkhead East Signal Box (1901-1965)

Opened on the Glasgow Central Railway.


This signal box was east of Maukinfauld Road and on the north side of the line. It controlled access to various works east of Parkhead Stadium station.

To the west was an estate siding, with a line south to the Lilybank Boiler Works. On the north side a siding served the Parkhead Girder Works. Both were approached from the east making their connection at Maukinfauld Road.

To the east, on the south side of the line, was a siding for the Victoria Biscuit Works, approached from the west.

Going further east was Tollcross station.

Parkhead East box closed in 1965, the line west to Bridgeton closing in 1964. The stub was cut back to Carmyle in 1966.

The cutting has been filled in and houses built to the west. The biscuit factory remains open.



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