Glasgow Central Low Level

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Names and dates

Glasgow Central Low Level (1896-1964)
Glasgow Central Low Level (1979-)

Opened on the Glasgow Central Railway.

Open on the Glasgow to Larkhall.
Open on the Hamilton Circle.
Open on the Argyle Line.


This is an underground island platform station with two faces.

The important Glasgow Central terminus is above street level above the station and there is a lift and escalators between the stations.

This was originally a two island platform station with four platform faces. With re-opening in 1979 only one of the two islands closed in 1964 was brought back into use. The other remains out of use and may become part of the popular Glasgow Central station tours.

The station was damaged by the floods of 1994 when water from the River Kelvin at Kelvinbridge down the Yorkhill Tunnel to Exhibition Centre, Anderston and Glasgow Central Low Level stations. A train at the station was almost submerged.


Tours of the seldom seen parts of the station are available Glasgow Central Station Tours .