Maryhill Central

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Maryhill [CR] (1896-1952)
Maryhill Central (1952-1964)

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Opened on the Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway.
Opened on the Glasgow Central Railway.


This was a four platform station. There were two through platforms and, on either side, two bay platforms for terminating services via Glasgow Central. These bays had carriage sidings alongside. Platforms were canopied. The majority of passenger trains terminated here, however the through lines were for passenger trains to Possil and goods and mineral trains running from Balornock Junction.

There was a large goods yard to the south.

The station site was cleared and is now a shopping centre and car park. Space for a single track line under this was left, a portal at the west end giving access.

To the west was Maryhill Junction.


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26/11/1894Glasgow Central Railway
Stobcross to Maryhill Central opened. This gave the Caledonian Railway access to the Queens Dock lines.
26/11/1894Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway
Possil Junction (Hamiltonhill Branch (Caledonian Railway)) to Maryhill Central opened.
02/11/1959Glasgow Central Railway
Maryhill Central to Stobcross (Via Kelvinbridge) closed to passengers.


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