Scotstoun West

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Scotstoun [1st] (1896-1900)
Scotstoun West (1900-1964)

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Opened on the Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway.
Opened on the Clydeside Tramway.


This was an island platform station. The station was just to the north of Yarrow's Shipbuilding, Engineering and Boilermaking Works partly on a bridge. The station was just west of Scotstoun West Junction. The station building was typical of the line.

The station^s original signal box, Scotstoun Station [1st], was to the west and on the north side of the line. It opened with the station in 1896. It was renamed Scotstoun West in 1900.

While under construction the shipyard had not yet opened and Scotstoun House still stood.

Scotstoun West Junction opened in 1907, a connection to the Rothesay Dock Branch (North British Railway and Caledonian Railway). The existing box became Scotstoun West No 2 and a new box opened, Scotstoun West No 1. This box was to the east of the station and on the north side of the junction.

There was a considerable goods yard to the south of the station for the shipyard. The yard had connections at the west end of the station and Scotstoun West Junction, the yard forming a loop on the south side of the line.

The Clydeside Tramway was a goods line running east from the yard serving the Albion Motor Works, Clydeside Iron Works, Scotstoun Iron Works and Scotstoun Shipyard, amongst others, which continued east to the goods yard of Scotstoun East and had connections to the Whiteinch Tramway.

To the west, via a headshunt south of the yard, the tramway reached Yarrow's Shipbuilding, Engineering and Boilermaking Works and, further west, Elderslie Dockyard and the Bon-Accord Works.

No 2 signal box closed in 1951.

In 1964 the station closed and the line from Scotstoun West Junction to Yoker Green Road Junction was singled.

No 1 signal box closed in 1968. The line remained open and was singled, access having been arranged from a new connection at Clydebank Dock Yard to Scotstoun West Junction.

The railway closed in 1978 when a new connection was made at Clydebank Junction allowing the line between there and Scotstoun West Junction to close.

The platform remains, much overgrown, sometimes used as a lunch spot by shipyard workers.


Station island platform footpath

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Scotstoun [1st] renamed Scotstoun West. Victoria Park renamed Scotstoun [2nd].


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