Whiteinch Tramway


This tramway connected the Whiteinch Railway with the Scotstoun Shipbuilding Yard and other nearby works and sawmills.


01/07/1872[Whiteinch Railway]
Act passed. Built to service the [Barclay Curle Shipyard], Charles Connel and Co Ltds shipyard and Wylie and Lochheads cabinet and sawmill at Whiteinch, the connection across Dumbarton road to the works being provided by the Whiteinch Tramway
01/07/1872Whiteinch Tramway
Act passed. Continuation of [Whiteinch Railway] to various works
29/10/1874Whiteinch Railway Whiteinch Tramway
Opened as a branch from the Stobcross Railway from an east facing Whiteinch Junction. Railway operated by North British Railway and tramway by the Wood brothers.
  /  /1875Whiteinch Tramway
Horse haulage replaced by steam as loads heavy; coal, iron plate.
  /05/1914Whiteinch Tramway
Wood Brothers liquidated and operation taken over by A and G Anderson using [North British Railway] engines and crew.
  /  /1916Whiteinch Tramway
[North British Railway] takes over operation.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This was a passenger terminus opened next to an existing goods station. The terminus was added to the Whiteinch Railway branch of 1874 alongside, and to the east of, the goods yard and interchange point with the Clydeside Tramway.

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Looking north to Whiteinch West Junction. Whiteinch Victoria Park station was behind the camera. ...
Ewan Crawford //1988
Whiteinch Victoria Park looking to the buffers. A tramway continued across the road to shipyards and sawmills. ...
Ewan Crawford //1987
The use of closed railway lines for leisure activities is well established. The railway origins of the Victoria Park Nature Walk are clear to see in ...
Malcolm Chattwood 18/07/2015
Looking over the site of Whiteinch Victoria Park station in 1981. ...
Alistair MacKenzie 01/06/1981

This shipyard was on the north bank of the River Clyde. Scotstoun Iron Works was to the west and North British Engine Works to the east. It was the yard of Charles Connell and Company.

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