Yoker Green Road Junction

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Yoker Green Road Junction (1907-1989)

Opened on the Rothesay Dock Branch (North British Railway and Caledonian Railway).


This junction was on the approach to the large yard at Rothesay Dock. The dock was approached from the east by two lines, one from Clydebank Dock Junction (North British Railway) and one from Scotstoun West Junction (Caledonian Railway). The signal box, 'Green Road', was on the north side of the junction. It opened in 1907 with the junction.

Both eastern approaches were controlled by Clydebank Dock West Junction until 1910. Immediately to the east of the junction was the east end of Yoker Riverside station (of the Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway) overhead. To the south was an approach to Yoker Power Station from the Rothesay Dock yard.

To the west of the junction was the level crossing with Greenlaw Road and a long footbridge which crossed over the lines. Beyond this there were two yards alongside each other. The southern yard served the southern quayside of the dock. The northern, and larger, yard served the east end of the northern quayside, four coal hoists and the quaysides at the west end of the dock.

The dock was associated with coal export and later coal and iron ore and strip coil import for the Lanarkshire steel works.

The signal box closed in 1970.

The lines closed in the early 1980s, with the opening of the Hunterston Ore Terminal, were relaid with a minimal configuration and re-opened in 1989 and closed again. These were lifted in the late 1990s. The site is now vacant and overgrown.


Junction level crossing