Newton Hamilton Junction

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Names and dates

Hamilton Junction (1849-1960)
Newton East Junction [Hamilton Junction] (1960-1992)
Newton Hamilton Junction (1992-)

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Opened on the Hamilton Branch (Caledonian Railway).
Opened on the Clydesdale Junction Railway.


This junction is immediately east of Newton station. Here the Hamilton Branch (Caledonian Railway) separates from the Clydesdale Junction Railway and heads south east to Hamilton. Both lines opened in 1849.

Hallside Steel Works opened to the south west of the junction in 1871. This led to the relocation of Newton station from its original site to the east (closer to Newton itself) at Newton [1st]. The new Newton station opened in 1873 to the north of the new steel works. The site was further from Newton but served both main line and branch.

Access to the works was from both west and east, the steel works being on a loop line to the south from west of the new station to east of the station joining the branch at Hallside Branch.

The signal box at Hamilton Junction was replaced in 1890 (a few years before the Glasgow Central Railway reached Newton). This box was on the north side of the junction.

The Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway's east end was at [Newton]]. Reconstruction began in 1901 for the new line which opened here in 1904. A new box was opened at Hamilton Junction and at the station an additional two platforms and lines were added to the north of the existing Newton station and there were alterations to sidings at Hamilton Junction. The new box was in the 'V' of the junction.

The signal box was closed in 1960, replaced by the new Newton power box.

The new lines became the main line and their platforms removed at the station. Hamilton Junction became Newton East Junction. This also referred to the point to the east where the slow lines joined the fast lines east of the station on the main line.

Hallside Steel Works closed in 1980 and the sidings were cut back. There was a down goods loop on the branch with a headshunt to south and two sidings

The junction was further remodeled in the 1991-2 when control of the line to Cathcart passed to Motherwell Signalling Centre.

After being classified as part of Newton East Junction it is now referred to as Newton Hamilton Junction.