Mount Florida

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Mount Florida (1886-)

Opened on the Cathcart District Railway.

Open on the Cathcart Circle.
Open on the Neilston Line.
Open on the Newton Line.


This is an island platform station. The typical Cathcart District Railway station building has been replaced with a modern structure. The platform is largely located in a cutting.

A further platform (but no further lines) was added for passengers travelling to Hampden Park. This was south of the station on the west side.

There was a small goods yard immediately to the south, on the east side of the line approached from the north. The signal box was located at the south end of the station.

Further south, Cathcart North Junction is where the routes to Cathcart and Newton separate.

To the north is Crosshill station.

Mount Florida was briefly the southern terminus of the line before it fully opened to Cathcart [1st].




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