Hallside Signal Box

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Hallside Signal Box (-1960)

Opened on the Hamilton Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This signal box was on the 1849 Hamilton Branch (Caledonian Railway) just south east of Hamilton Junction. Loops and sidings here served the eastern approach to the 1871 Hallside Steel Works and a mineral line ran south to Hallside Colliery.

The area to the south, east of Hallside Steel Works, was used for waste disposal.

The signal box here was on the south side of the branch, at the east end of the loops which ran west to Hamilton Junction and the Hallside Steel Works.

The box closed in 1960, replaced by the (then) new power box at Newton station.

The loops were removed after the closure of the steel works in the 1980s, a down goods loop on the branch being the last to be removed (about 1991-92).

Today this is the location where the two lines of the double track Hamilton branch separate to approach the junction.