Peebles Railway


This line is closed. It ran from Eskbank (Hardengreen Junction), south of Edinburgh, to Peebles, later extended on to Galashiels. Between Eskbank and Hawthornden the line is now a cycleway, further south the line is partly ploughed-out but mostly walkable.

Why built

The line was built to carry passengers and goods from Peebles to Edinburgh.


  /  /1853[Peebles Railway]
Act receives Royal assent.
04/07/1855[Peebles Railway]
Opened from Hardengreen Junction ([Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway]) to Peebles. Stations opened at; Hawthornden, Roslin, Penicuik, Leadburn, Eddleston and Peebles.
01/08/1855[Peebles Railway]
Bonnyrigg opened.
  /06/1856[Peebles Railway]
Earlyvale Gate opened.
28/02/1857[Peebles Railway]
Earlyvale Gate closed.
01/06/1864[Peebles Railway]
Roslin re-named Rosslyn.
01/10/1864[Peebles Railway]
Peebles (Old) closed and becomes a goods depot and locomotive shed. Peebles (New) opened.
10/10/1864[Peebles Railway]
Peebles to Innerleithan opened. Stations at; Cardrona and Innerleithan.
18/06/1866[Peebles Railway]
Galashiels to Innerleithan opened. Stations at; Thornilee and Clovenfords.
  /12/1866[Peebles Railway]
Bonnyrigg re-named Bonnyrigg Road.
15/01/1867[Peebles Railway]
Walkerburn opened.
01/08/1868[Peebles Railway]
Bonnyrigg Road re-named Bonnyrigg.
  /03/1872[Peebles Railway]
Thornilee re-named Thornielee.
02/07/1872[Peebles Railway]
Rosslyn is re-named Rosslynlee. Penicuik is re-named Pomathorn.
  /  /1876[Peebles Railway]
[North British Railway]
Peebles Railway absorbed by North British Railway.
01/01/1917[Peebles Railway]
Rosslynlee closed.
02/06/1919[Peebles Railway]
Rosslynlee re-opened.
09/07/1928[Peebles Railway]
Hawthornden re-named Rosewell and Hawthornden.
07/07/1947[Peebles Railway]
Pomathorn re-named Pomathorn Halt.
25/09/1950[Peebles Railway]
Peebles re-named Peebles (East).
06/11/1950[Peebles Railway]
Thornielee closed.
06/11/1950[Peebles Railway]
Thornielee closed to passengers.
07/03/1955[Peebles Railway]
Leadburn closed to passengers.
  /02/1958[Peebles Railway]
Peebles (East) re-named Peebles.
11/12/1958[Peebles Railway]
Rosslynlee Hospital Halt opened.
05/02/1962[Peebles Railway]
Hawthornden Junction (excluded) to Peebles to Kilnknowe Junction (excluded) closed to all traffic, passenger trains operate as far as Rosewell and Hawthornden only.
05/02/1962[Peebles Railway]
Closed between Hawthornden Junction and Kilnknowie Junction. Rosslynlee, Rosslynlee Hospital Halt, Pomathorn Halt, Eddleston, Peebles, Cardrona, Innerleithan, Walkerburn and Clovenfords closed to Passengers.
11/09/1962[Peebles Railway]
Remains of line closed to passengers; Bonnyrigg station and Rosewell and Hawthornden station closed. (Alternative date 10/9/1962).
27/03/1967[Peebles Railway]
Line closed from Hawthornden Junction to Hardengreen Junction (excluded). The route was latterly used by freight trains for access to the [Penicuik Railway].