Penicuik [2nd]

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Penicuik [2nd] (1872-1951)

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Opened on the Penicuik Railway.


This was a single platform station with a passing loop built in the east of Penicuik itself, unlike Penicuik [1st] to the east.

There was a goods shed at the north end of the platform adjoining the station building. The platform was largely stone, extended at the north end in timber. On the west side was a goods yard and on the east side a line ran past the south side of the station through to Bank Mill under the A701. There was also an engine shed at the west end of the station.

The signal box was at the north end and closed in 1956 when the line became one-engine-in-steam.

The next station to the north was Eskbridge. Just to the north east of Penicuik station was the Valleyfield Mill with a considerable complex of sidings.

The station closed to passengers in 1951 but due to considerable mill traffic continued in use for goods and minerals until 1967.

Little remains of the station, now a housing estate, other than the bridge over the A701 bridge. Building the station originally required demolition of housing for the mills.


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