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Roslin [1st] (1855-1864)
Rosslyn [Peebles Railway] (1864-1872)
Rosslynlee (1872-1962)

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Opened on the Peebles Railway.


This single platform station was the first to serve Roslin, although it was quite some distance to the south and involved crossing the valley of the River North Esk and the zig-zagging roads between the two.

The platform was on the west (village) side of the station. At the north end, on the west side of the line, was a goods siding approached from the north. The station building was of one storey with stone built portion to south and timber offices and waiting room to the north. The platform was in timber. At the south end of the station was a level crossing and a signal box (a gate box), on the west side.

Before the opening of the Penicuik Railway this was the nearest station to the Rosslyn Gunpowder Works. Materials were brought in for the works (for which a stone build store was built) and explosives went out. The station was responsible for traffic from Esk Mill, although the sidings were probably those at Loanstone Sidings.

The station and line closed in 1962. The station building remains standing, in use as a house. The trackbed has been infilled.

For the village of Roslin a better station, Roslin, opened in 1874 on the Edinburgh, Loanhead and Roslin Railway.

Rosslyn station was renamed from Rosslyn to Rosslynlee in 1872, even although the Penicuik Railway station Rosslyn Castle was actually at Roslin Lee.



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NLS Collection OS map of 1892-1914
NLS Collection OS map of 1944-67

Chronology Dates

02/07/1872Peebles Railway
Rosslyn [Peebles Railway] is re-named Rosslynlee. Penicuik [1st] is re-named Pomathorn.
01/01/1917Peebles Railway
Rosslynlee closed.
02/06/1919Peebles Railway
Rosslynlee re-opened.


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