High Street Junction

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Names and dates

College East Junction (1871-1904)
High Street East Junction (1904-1979)
High Street Junction (1979-)

Station code: National Rail
Opened on the Glasgow and Coatbridge Branch (North British Railway).
Opened on the City of Glasgow Union Railway.


This is the junction to the east of High Street station where the line east to Airdrie is met with the freight and empty stock movements line from Pollok Junction.

The junction has been remodelled several times.

The junction opened in 1871 between the City of Glasgow Union Railway (CGU) and the Glasgow and Coatbridge Branch (North British Railway). The original College [1st] terminus was to the west. The original version of the junction was also known as College Junction and Sydney Street Junction.

In 1883 College Goods, the large Glasgow and South Western Railway goods yard, opened served from a loop on the north side of the CGU line.

In 1886 the Glasgow City and District Railway opened from Stobcross Junction (near Partick) to College North Junction which was just to the west on the original College terminus line (leaving the terminus on a very short branch).

In 1904 College [1st] Goods was substantially rebuilt as High Street Goods. This involved the addition of goods lines on the north side of the existing junction. Around this time the junction became High Street East Junction. So large was this goods yard that its approach was controlled by another signal box, College Goods Signal Box [NBR].

The junction was resignalled in 1960, in preparation for electrification.

College Goods was closed in 1962.

The box took over College Goods Signal Box [GSWR] in 1971.

High Street Goods closed in 1982.

The box closed in 1989 replaced by Yoker Signalling Centre.




College Junction Sydney Street Junction

Chronology Dates

  /  /1883City of Glasgow Union Railway
Warehouses, part of College Goods, built on the junction of Bell Street and High Street for the Glasgow and South Western Railway. Approach was via a reversing loop built on the line from Gallowgate to High Street East Junction.
15/03/1886Glasgow City and District Railway
Yorkhill (Finnieston East Junction) to Glasgow Queen Street Low Level to High Street (College East Junction) opened. A third rail was used for train lighting.
  /  /1896City of Glasgow Union RailwayGlasgow and South Western RailwayNorth British Railway
City of Glasgow Union Railway absorbed and divided between Glasgow and South Western Railway and North British Railway. The point of division was College East Junction (later High Street Junction) with Glasgow St Enoch and the line to the south west passing to the GSW. North of Bellgrove Junction and Parkhead Junction [NB] went to the NBR.
  /07/1989Yoker Re-signaling Scheme
Re-signaling complete. Boxes at Helensburgh Central, Craigendoran, Dumbarton Central, Dalmuir Park, Singer, Milngavie, Westerton, Hyndland, Clydebank Dock, High Street East Junction, Bellgrove, Parkhead, Shettleston, Heatheryknowe Junction, Sunnyside Junction, Airdrie replaced by the new Yoker Signalling Centre.