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Bellgrove (1871-)

Opened on the Glasgow and Coatbridge Branch (North British Railway).

Open on the Edinburgh to Glasgow via Bathgate and Airdrie.
Open on the Glasgow to Cumbernauld via Duke Street.


This is an island platform station. There was a slim station building at the east end of the station and a canopied at the west end, the slim building outlasting the canopy into the late 1980s. A shelter now adorns the platform.

This was an important station as it was jointly owned by the Glasgow and Coatbridge Railway (North British Railway) and the City of Glasgow Union Railway. From here trains departed to Springburn, Airdrie, College [1st] (Glasgow), Glasgow St Enoch and Shields Road, Govan and beyond.

Two goods lines were added on the north side when the line west to High Street Junction (through Bellgrove Independent Tunnel) and east to Bellgrove Junction was quadrupled. This allowed access to High Street Goods from Cowlairs West Junction without blocking Bellgrove Junction or Bellgrove station.

To the south of the station were cattle docks and pens to serve the Bellgrove Cattle Market which was to the west of the station. A further set were to the east of the station on the north side, approached from the Springburn line.

Bellgrove West signal box was at the west end of the island platform, west of Bellgrove Street.

Bellgrove East signal box was at Bellgrove Junction, the first version being on the north side of the junction itself. This was replaced in 1904 when the line was quadruples. The new box was in the 'V' of the junction and surrounded by lines thanks to the complications of the passenger and goods lines.

Bellgrove North signal box was at the start of the line to Springburn close to Whitevale Street. It controlled the approach to the cattle sidings alongside Reidvale Street, approach from the CGU line from the east. It was absorbed by Bellgrove East box when it was replaced in 1904.

Bellgrove West and Bellgrove East boxes were replaced with Bellgrove box in 1960, in readiness for electrification. This new box was on the south side of the junction.



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