Shields Road [CGU]

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Shields Road [CGU] (1870-1966)

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Opened on the City of Glasgow Union Railway.


This was a two platform station - the southern two platforms of the four platform Shields Road station, the two platforms to the north were originally Pollokshields station.

Station buildings were on the west side of the Shields Road with footbridges down to the platform.

Pollok Junction is to the immediate west.

To the east were, east of Shields Road itself, a bay platform on the north side of the eastbound platform, a facing crossover and a signal box, 'Shields Road No 1' to the south - a box probably opened with the station. To the north of the bay platform, and the line, was a retaining wall which ran east to Port Eglinton Junction which separated the CGU from the G&PJR and the Smithy Lye Carriage Sidings.

To the south was the two platform Shields station.

The General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway passed underneath and an arm of it created a chasm between the station and Shields to the south.

The signal box closed in 1932 and the platform taken out.

The station closed in 1966.

Hints of the platforms remain today.