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Shields (1885-1924)

Opened on the Paisley Canal Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This was a two platform station. To the east, beyond the Shields Road overbridge, was Shields Signal Box. The station was on the original Paisley Canal line before its route was altered to approach Glasgow Central rather than Glasgow St Enoch.

The platforms were canopied with a booking office on Shields Road to the east.

There was no goods yard.

The station closed in 1924 and Shields Signal Box closed in 1934.




01/07/1885Paisley Canal Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway)
Shields station opened.
01/04/1925Glasgow and Paisley Joint RailwayCity of Glasgow Union Railway
New Shields Road station opened incorporating the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway Pollockshields station, City of Glasgow Union Railway Shields Road [CGU] station and Paisley Canal Line (Glasgow and south Western Railway) Shields stations.