Bellgrove Junction

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Bellgrove Junction (1875-)

Opened on the Glasgow and Coatbridge Branch (North British Railway).
Opened on the City of Glasgow Union Railway.


Bellgrove East signal box was at Bellgrove Junction, the first version being on the north side of the junction. This was replaced in 1904 when the line was quadrupled. The new box was in the 'V' of the junction and surrounded by lines thanks to the complications of the passenger and goods lines. (To the west the southern of the four through lines were the passenger lines and the northern pair were the goods lines - Bellgrove Independent Tunnel.) Lines ran east as far as Carntyne with separated passenger and goods lines.

Bellgrove North signal box was at the start of the line to Springburn close to Whitevale Street. It controlled the approach to the cattle sidings alongside Reidvale Street, approach from the CGU line from the east. It was absorbed by Bellgrove East box when it was replaced in 1904.

Bellgrove West and Bellgrove East boxes were replaced with Bellgrove box in 1960, in readiness for electrification. This new box was on the south side of the junction.