Heatheryknowe Junction

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Heatheryknowe Junction (1875-1939)

Opened on the Glasgow and Coatbridge Branch (North British Railway).


Before the Glasgow and Coatbridge Branch (North British Railway) opened Drumpeller Colliery, to the east, was served by a canal branch on the north side of the Monkland Canal.

The Glasgow and Coatbridge Branch (North British Railway) opened in 1870. Immediately to the west of the junction it crossed Monkland Canal and beyond again was Cuilhill station. A longer distance to the east was today^s Blairhill station.

The branch (Lochwood Colliery Branch (North British Railway)) running north to Lochwood Siding opened in 1875, meeting the existing line at the new Heatheryknowe Junction. Access was from the east. A little way to the north of the junction was Heatheryknowe Tile Works.

Just west of the junction, at the start of the branch, were the Heatheryknowe Sidings, north of line, approached from east.

Heatheryknowe Colliery Pit No 3 was directly to west of the sidings, on the north bank of the Monkland Canal.

Lochwood Colliery Pit Nos 1 and 2 opened to the north west for Bairds in 1898.

On the south side of the main railway was Drumpellier Pits No 3 and 4, served by a short branch approached from the east.

Lochwood Colliery Pit Nos 1 and 2 closed in the 1920s. The branch closed in 1939. The Heatheryknowe Sidings remained open after closure of the branch.

The box burned down 1941 and was replaced in 1943. The box was on the north side of the line and east of the junction.

The box was resignalled for electrification 1960. Afterwards there was a short section of quadruple track, with loops on either side of the railway (the westbound loop was a new addition). The west end of the eastbound loop led to the Heatheryknowe Sidings, used for carriage and wagon disposal.

After resignalling the box also controlled Bargeddie Coal Siding at Cuilhill and Easterhouse and the loop on south side there operated by ground frames.

The box closed in 1991, replaced by the Yoker Signalling Centre. By the time of closure no sidings or loops remained.



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  /07/1989Yoker Re-signaling Scheme
Re-signaling complete. Boxes at Helensburgh Central, Craigendoran, Dumbarton Central, Dalmuir Park, Singer, Milngavie, Westerton, Hyndland, Clydebank Dock, High Street East Junction, Bellgrove, Parkhead, Shettleston, Heatheryknowe Junction, Sunnyside Junction, Airdrie replaced by the new Yoker Signalling Centre.