High Street Goods

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College [1st] Goods (1870-1907)
High Street Goods (1907-1982)

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Opened on the Glasgow and Coatbridge Branch (North British Railway).


This was a large goods depot in Glasgow. The depot was on the east side of High Street, just north of High Street station. A large number of sidings served a goods warehouse, approach to the yard was from the east.

The depot opened in its final form in 1907, part of a scheme to improve the North British Railway's provision of goods facilities in the city which also involved marshalling of trains bound for High Street and Sighthill Goods at the new Cadder Yard and Shettleston Yard. A new mineral depot, not far from High Street, at Barracks Mineral Yard was built at the same time.

The main depot building (499 ft long, 315 ft wide) had three floors, ground floor being at rail level. The building was built in brick. Wagon movement was by capstan, not unusual to reduce fire risk and reduce the requirement to shunt by locomotive, but these were electric capstan. The depot design was by James Bell.

The name High Street Goods did not immediately apply in 1907, it being College Goods, but came to be the name used to distinguish it from College Goods just to the south.

High Street Goods required its own signal box High Street Goods Signal Box which was located at the throat of the fan of sidings. This survived, derelict and partly burned, until the 2000s.

The depot was developed on the site of the original goods yard of the College [1st] terminus. This had been located to the north of College [1st]. Like the later version of the yard it was served from the east. Over the years it expanded. At the east end and on the north side of the approach to the goods yard was a marshalling yard of dead end sidings, approached from the east.

When the Glasgow City and District Railway was opened to the north of College [1st] it cut through the southern part of the goods yard.

The goods depot survived into the early 1980s. Following closure the depot building was demolished but the wall bordering Duke Street partly retained. The site of the depot had various uses, one of them as a car park.

The remaining wall has has been incorporated into a modern development. The large open area where the sidings were located has slowly been redeveloped since the 1980s.


Glasgow Life is based in the modern building occupying the northern portion of the former goods shed site. The lower part of the wall, red brick with large arched windows, on Duke Street has been incorporated into the new development.



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  /10/1901Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway
New Cadder Yard, a hump shunted marshalling yard, opened by the North British Railway. It was part of a much larger reorganisation of the NBR's goods facilities in Glasgow including rebuilding High Street Goods and Sighthill Goods, and the opening of Shettleston Yard, a further marshalling yard.

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05/05/2006High Street Goods Yard redevelopement