Shettleston Yard

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Shettleston Yard (1907-)

Opened on the Glasgow and Coatbridge Branch (North British Railway).


This yard was east of Shettleston Junction on the North British Railway's Glasgow-Coatbridge line. The yard survived, in much reduced form, into the 1980s. Some track remains, out of use. A looped sidings remains on the south side of the line running from the east part of the yard to Shettleston Junction.

Shettleston Sidings were established after 1900 as part of the goods improvements in Glasgow which also included the building of Cadder Marshalling Yard and rebuilding of Sighthill Goods and High Street Goods. It consisted of looped sidings on either side of the Glasgow-Coatbridge line with a number of dead-end sidings laid to the north - the layout of these dead-end sidings changed over the years and were lifted in the 1960s. To the south was originally an approach to the Shettleston iron works and chemical works and later a loading bank and further dead-end sidings approached from the west.