Shettleston Junction

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Shettleston Junction (1877-1965)

Opened on the Glasgow and Coatbridge Branch (North British Railway).

Opened on the Glasgow, Bothwell, Hamilton and Coatbridge Railway.


This junction between the North British Railway's Glasgow-Coatbridge line and the Hamilton Branch opened in 1877 and closed on 04/10/1965, with the closure of the line to Mount Vernon Colliery. There was a small set of sidings on the Hamilton branch and a Glasgow bound loop.

After 1965 the stub of the branch was retained, the sidings being electrified in the North Glasgow Electrification. The sidings were cut back in the 1980s and taken out of use when Shettleston Signal Box was closed. The turnout remains. Shettleston PW Depot exists to the south of the junction and is rail served. Shettleston station is immediately to the west and Shettleston Yard is to the east on the line to Coatbridge.

A looped refuge siding remains alongside the Coatbridge line on the south side of the line, the northbound equivalent is out of use. The siding runs east to Shettleston Yard.