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Sighthill Goods (1855-1981)

Opened on the Sighthill Branch (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway).


This was the terminus of the Sighthill Branch (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway) from Cowlairs West Junction.

Glasgow Queen Street High Level had a small goods yard on its east side, approached down the steep Cowlairs Incline, and the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway needed a superior depot. In 1855 Sighthill Goods was opened at the end of a gently graded branch from Cowlairs Junction (now Cowlairs West Junction). The yard was a little remote from the Glasgow city centre and initially not as successful as Buchanan Street Goods.

Prior to 1961 the yard was approached from the north, Sighthill Goods Junction, with the lines fanning out west to east. Sidings to the west served the goods sheds and loading banks, served by road access from Springburn Road. This part of the yard was of sufficient size that it had its own signal box, Sighthill Yard box (1923-1958). Sidings in the middle and through to the east of the site, (bounded in the east by the Sighthill Junction to Sighthill East Junction [1st] alignment), were a marshalling yard, Sighthill Yard.

The Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway was taken over by the North British Railway in 1865. The NB were keen to improve their goods facilities.

In 1870 the North British Railway opened College [1st] Goods (better known as High Street Goods). This new yard was closer to the city centre. After 1901 both Sighthill Goods and High Street Goods (College Goods re-built on a grand scale) were served by the large out of town marshalling yard Cadder Yard, near Bishopbriggs. In the Great War Sighthill Goods was taken over by the military as a supply depot for the duration of the war.

The yard closed for rebuilding in 1958. After 1961 the yard was approached from the east, Sighthill East Junction [1st]. Several loops were laid in on the west side of the Sighthill Junction to Sighthill East Junction [1st] curve. The goods yard lines fanned out north to south over roughly the same area as the original depot and served a new larger goods shed to the west. This was the ^Sighthill Freight Terminal^. This also had its own signal box, the second Sighthill Yard box (1961-1971).

Despite being relatively busy, the new yard closed in 1981.

The site is now a supermarket and Post Office Depot.




Sighthill Freight Terminal


05/10/1981Sighthill Branch (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway)
Sighthill Goods closed.