Sighthill Goods Junction

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Sighthill Goods Junction

Opened on the Sighthill Branch (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway).


This box controlled the approach to Sighthill Goods. Sighthill Goods Junction Signal Box was on the west side of the line south of Sighthill Junction. It controlled the approach to Sighthill Yard Junction, Sighthill Yard and Sighthill East Junction [1st] to the south. To the north the line bypassed the west side of Springburn station and continued on to Cowlairs West Junction.

The box closed in 1958. Sighthill Goods was radically altered in 1961 to be approached from the east, from Sighthill East Junction [1st]. The Sighthill Junction to Sighthill East Junction alignment remained in place, indeed it was upgraded for passenger use with the closure of Buchanan Street (principally used for the Springburn-Cumbernauld shuttle).

The railway remains open here, a double track passenger line with the single track approach to the St Rollox Works on its west side.


Junction 04/06/2019