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Yorkhill (1885-1917)
Yorkhill (1919-1921)

Opened on the Stobcross Railway.


This was a two platform station. It was located at what is now Finnieston West Junction. The station was elevated on the east side of Ferry Road with the platform building above the slopping embankments. The line remains open today.

Yorkhill station served the immediate area but was also not far from the Govan Ferry.

To the west is the Kelvin Viaduct.

On the north side of the line was a marshalling yard approached from the south, Yorkhill Yard. The Kelvinhaugh Refuse Despatch Works was accessed by reversal from this yard.

On the south side was a siding to the Pointhouse Shipbuilding Yard, accessed from the east.

After closure in 1921 the platforms and buildings were completely removed. The signal box, at the east end of the station, was closed in 1935, being taken over by Kelvinhaugh Junction box.

The sidings closed and with the re-opening of the Argyle Line in 1979 a new spur was built from the former station site at Finnieston West Junction to Finnieston.


Had the station survived, it would be the closest to the Riverside Museum .



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15/03/1886Glasgow City and District Railway
Yorkhill (Finnieston East Junction) to Glasgow Queen Street Low Level to High Street (College East Junction) opened. A third rail was used for train lighting.

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08/02/2023Plans to build 49 stylish flats at Yorkhill railway depot [Glasgow Times]


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