Kelvinhaugh Junction

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Kelvinhaugh Junction (1874-1969)

Opened on the Stobcross Railway.


This was the junction between the lines to, from north to south, Kelvinhaugh Goods, Glasgow Queen Street Low Level and Stobcross Goods [NBR] (both northern and southern portions), and the line dropping down to Stobcross Goods Low Level (which served the Queens Dock.

The line to Queen Street Low Level and Stobcross Goods [NBR] (northern portion) split a little further to the east at Stobcross Junction. With the opening of the Queen Street line a signal box opened here in 1886.

This box was replaced in 1935. The layout was altered. The approach to Kelvinhaugh Goods was singled and the connection for the line dropping down to Stobcross Goods Low Level altered, the westbound line's connection being moved a little to the west. The box took over the former Yorkhill box.

In the preparation for electrification it was resignalled again in 1960.

The junction was roughly the same site as today's Finnieston East Junction, the junction formed between the line to Queen Street Low Level and the approach to Exhibition Centre following the former goods line to Stobcross Goods Low Level.

The signal box here closed in 1979 with the re-opening of the Argyle Line. Hyndland Power Box took control of the junction and line as far as Dalmarnock where Glasgow Central Power Box took over.



Chronology Dates

15/07/1968Stobcross Railway
Kelvinhaugh Junction to Queens Dock closed.

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