Hamilton West

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Hamilton (1849-1876)
Hamilton West (1876-)

Opened on the Hamilton Branch (Caledonian Railway).

Opened on the Hamilton to Ferniegair (Caledonian Railway).

Open on the Glasgow to Larkhall.
Open on the Hamilton Circle.


This is a two platform station.

It was originally the terminus of the Hamilton Branch from Newton. In its original form it was a single platform station with the passenger platform on the north side of the line and goods facilities (loading banks and goods shed) on the south side of the line. There were turnplates at the buffer end.

The line was later (1876) extended through Hamilton Central to Ross Junction and Ferniegair. This was an end on junction and Hamilton West occupied the same site as the original station but with two platforms and two lines. Hamilton Shed was developed to the west of the station and Townsland Colliery was to the east. These, and the station, were served from the north.

The extension passed under Peacock Cross itself and lines fanned out from Cadzow Junction.

The station remains open.

The line is promoted and supported by the Rail 74 Community Rail Partnership .



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01/12/1866Coalburn Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Passenger services start; bus runs between Hamilton and Ferniegair [1st] for route to Glasgow's South Side; the main route through to Buchanan Street. Blackwood carriage dropped at Southfield Junction and taken on separately.