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Brocketsbrae (1866-1869)
Lesmahagow [1st] (1869-1905)
Brocketsbrae (1905-1951)

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Opened on the Lesmahagow Railway.


This was a single platform station. The station was south of a level crossing. It was a short platform. Opposite, on the east side of the line, was the signal box. It opened in 1891.

To the south of the platform, on the west side, was a goods yard approached from the south, parallel with a passing loop south of the station. There was an engine shed (Brocketsbrae Shed) on the east side, approached from the north.

The line opened in 1856. This was one of the stations (actually the southern terminus) opened in 1866 when a service north to Ferniegair [1st] began. It was briefly named Brocketsbrae, the village it was located in, before being renamed in 1869 to 'Lesmahagow' which was nearly two miles away by road to the west.

With the opening of the Muirkirk and Lesmahagow Junction Railway the station ceased to be a terminus in 1883 with trains continuing on south via Alton Heights Junction and Poniel Junction. From 1891 trains also continued to Coalburn.

With the opening of the Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway) in 1905, and its better sited Lesmahagow [2nd] station, it was renamed back to Brocketsbrae.

The station closed to passengers in 1951. The box and line closed in 1953.

The goods shed survived until the 1970s in a ruinous state.

The station site is now a house. A railway cottage survives, on the west side of the former line and south of the former level crossing. To the south the trackbed has been obliterated for about half a mile by the M74. To the north it remains in walkable, if often flooded, condition.



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NLS Collection OS map of 1892-1914
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Chronology Dates

  /  /1905Lesmahagow Railway
Lesmahagow [1st] renamed Brocketsbrae.
11/09/1939Muirkirk and Lesmahagow Junction RailwayLesmahagow Railway
Douglas West (Poneil Junction) to Brocketsbrae closed to passengers (except a Saturdays only train using Alton Heights Junction to Brocketsbrae until 2nd May 1942).
02/05/1942Lesmahagow Railway
Alton Heights (excluded) to Brocketsbrae (excluded) closed to passengers.
01/10/1951Lesmahagow Railway
Brocketsbrae to Hamilton (Ferniegair Junction) closed to passengers.
21/09/1953Lesmahagow Railway
Alton Heights (excluded) via Brocketsbrae to Southfield Junction (excluded) closed to freight.