Ross Junction

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Ross Junction (1876-1965)

Opened on the Lesmahagow Railway.
Opened on the Hamilton to Ferniegair (Caledonian Railway).


This junction opened in 1876 between the 1856 Lesmahagow Railway and a new line west through Haughhead Junction to Hamilton Central and Hamilton West. This opening created the Hamilton Circle (actually teardrop shaped).

This was the northern junction of a triangle of junctions. To the south west was Haughhead Junction and to the south Ferniegair Junction.

The signal box was on the west side of the junction.

The considerable Ross Yard was laid out to the south of the junction.

There had been a loop south of Ross Junction in the early days. The first incarnation of the junction was for a colliery, Haughhead Colliery on a short mineral line which ran to the south west. This was parallel, and to the west of, the later alignment to Haughhead Junction.

On the west side of the new line a series of dead end sidings, approached from the junction, were laid out. On the west side of the original alignment a series of loop were laid out on the west side (the southern end of these was at Ross South Signal Box by Ferniegair [2nd] station). On the east side were a series of single ended sidings, approached from the south. A line looped round the east side of these from Ross Junction to Ross South Signal Box (this followed the course of the original route of the railway). A siding from this ran north to Ross Colliery which was on the east side of Ross Junction.

After closure of Ross Colliery the entire area to the east became a tip Ross Yard Rock Crusher and Gantry Crane, originally approached by a loop from the south and later from the north.

The route from Ross Junction to Ferniegair Junction ceased carrying a passenger service.

In 1964/65 the line to Ferniegair Junction was closed altogether and Ross Yard closed. this allowed the M74 to be constructed through the site of the yard. The Ferniegair Junction to Haughhead Junction curve remained open for goods until 1968/69.

The Hamilton Circle remained open and was electrified. The tip siding remained open after the closure of the line to Ferniegair. The signal box closed in 1973 when it was taken over by the Motherwell Signalling Centre. A ground frame remained for the tip afterwards.

The Haughhead Junction to Ferniegair Junction route, slightly realigned, was used for the 2005 Larkhall re-opening. No change was made at Ross Junction.


Junction yard


  /  /1872Lesmahagow Railway
Deviation to Ross Junction authorised.
18/07/1872Hamilton to Ferniegair (Caledonian Railway)
Hamilton West to Ross Junction (Ferniegair) authorised. Some deviation of the original line at Ferniegair is required.
29/05/1876Lesmahagow Railway
Hamilton West to Ross Junction opened to freight.
18/09/1876Lesmahagow Railway
Hamilton West to Ross Junction opened to minerals.
02/10/1876Lesmahagow Railway
Hamilton West to Ross Junction opened to passengers.