Haughhead Junction

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Haughhead Junction (1876-1968)
Haughhead Junction (2005-)

Opened on the Hamilton to Ferniegair (Caledonian Railway).


This is the junction for Larkhall from the Hamilton Circle. Approach is from the west, a single track from Hamilton Central. At the junction the lines to Motherwell (double track) and Larkhall (single track) divide.

This junction opened in 1876 when an extension of the 1849 Hamilton Branch (Caledonian Railway) was built to join the 1856 Coalburn Branch (Caledonian Railway). The lines were originally double track. The curve from Haughhead to Ross Junction, for Motherwell, joined the older line alongside the north end of Ross Yard. The curve to Ferniegair Junction burrowed under the south end of Ross Yard, a fly-under, to reach the junction.

The signal box was to the west of the junction. It was replaced in 1899 with a new building very slightly to the north.

In 1965 the curve to Ferniegair Junction was singled. The Ross Junction to Ferniegair Junction line was closed allowing the M74 to be built.

In 1969 the remains of the Coalburn line, which ran south to Auchlochan Colliery No 1 closed and the box closed.

In preparation for electrification the line west to Hamilton Central was singled around 1973.

The closed trackbed became overgrown, was partly landscaped, was used for dumping and was altered due to its proximity to the M74 which cut directly across the Ferniegair Junction to Ross Junction alignment when built in 1969.

In 2005 a new curve was prepared between Haughhead junction]] and the site of the former Ferniegair Junction. This new curve takes a slightly more southern course but close to Ferniegair rejoins the course using the former Coalburn line as far as Merryton Junction and the course of the former Lanark New Lines (Caledonian Railway) to reach Larkhall. The re-opened line is electrified.