Challoch Junction

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Challoch Junction (1877-1965)

Opened on the Portpatrick Railway.

Opened on the Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway.


This junction was formed in 1877 between the Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway and the 1861 Portpatrick Railway.

On the Portpatrick Railway, the junction was between Dunragit (to the west) and Glenluce (to the east) stations.

A signal box opened in advance of the junction in 1876. This was on the south side of the junction. There was a short loop on the Girvan route.

Challoch Junction Golfers Platform was just to the west.

The signal box closed in 1939 when the box at Dunragit took over. The loop was taken out and electrically operated points installed.

The junction closed in 1965. Most of the Port Road, Challoch Junction to Maxwelltown Factory Siding (both excluded), closed in 1965.

The Stranraer to Girvan route remains open.



Challoch Bridge, just to the west of the former junction where the railway passes over the A75, was the most hit bridge by road vehicles in Britain.

The road has been realigned A75 Dunragit bypass .