Girvan Junction

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Girvan Junction (1877-1989)

Opened on the Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway.

Opened on the Maybole and Girvan Railway.

Opened on the Maidens and Dunure Light Railway (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


At this junction the Girvan and Portpatrick Railway (1877) met the Maybole and Girvan Railway (1860).

After 1893 the junction was also known as Girvan Goods Junction as Girvan (Old) closed. Between 1894 and 1895 the line north to Ayr was doubled.

The box was called Girvan Junction until 1906 and, with the opening of the Maidens and Dunure Light Railway, it became Girvan No 2.

It became No 1 with closure of Girvan No 1 [1st] box in 1935, 5 years after the Maidens line closed to through passenger trains. Turnberry continued until 1942.

The Turnberry line closed as a through goods only line in 1955, with a portion to Grangestone Siding lasting until 1965.

The box closed in 1973 when the box at Girvan station took over. In 1973 the line north to Ayr was singled. Girvan station was now on a long loop reaching from the south end of the station to Girvan Junction with a long siding from the northbound line continuing to the former junction for Turnberry.

The Girvan goods branch was closed in 1989 partly due to the condition of the bridge over the Water of Girvan.