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Girvan (New) (1877-1882)
Girvan (New) (1883-1886)
Girvan (New) (1890-1893)
Girvan (1893-)

Station code: GIR National Rail ScotRail
Where: South Ayrshire, Scotland
Opened on the Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway.
Open on the Glasgow to Ayr and Stranraer.


This is a two platform station with a Streamline Moderne (Art Deco) styled building on the up platform. Platforms are linked by a subway.

This station was opened on the line south to Stranraer, ultimately replacing Girvan (Old). At its height, there were carriage sidings at the south end, on either side of the line, and a bay for southbound trains at the south end of the down platform. The signal box remains at the south end of the station's northbound platform.

Goods facilities were at Girvan (Old) station.

The station building is a replacement for the original.

The signal box ('B' listed) was opened in 1893 as Girvan No 3 and was extended in 1907. With the closure of Girvan No 1 [1st], at the Maidens and Dunure Light Railway (Glasgow and South Western Railway) junction, it was renamed Girvan No 2 [2nd] in 1935. Finally, with the closure of Girvan No 1 [2nd] box at Girvan Junction it became simply Girvan in 1973. It was in 1973 that the line north to Ayr was reduced to a single track.

The box controls the long loop which runs from the south end of the station to just north of the former Girvan Junction. There is a permanent way siding at the south end of the station (a shortened carriage siding) and a long headshunt at the north end of the loop which could be extended to the proposed Girvan Grangeston.

Going south from Girvan is a hard climb up the Glendoune Bank to Pinmore.


Station Streamline Moderne Art Deco

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Bike rack
Free parking
Taxi rank
Part time staffed
Listing: Station building and signalbox B listed.


05/10/1877Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway
Line opened from a junction at Girvan (Maybole and Girvan Railway) to Challoch Junction (Portpatrick Railway). (Alternative date: 3/10/1870).
07/02/1882Girvan and Portpatrick Junction RailwayPortpatrick Railway
Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway trains banned from Stranraer and Portpatrick by the Portpatrick Railway. Line closed temporarily from Girvan to Challoch Junction.
02/09/1886Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway
Girvan closed.
  /  /1892Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway
Ayr and Wigtownshire Railway bought by the Glasgow and South Western Railway. Girvan (Old) closed and reparations made to the Girvan and Portpatrick line.
26/06/1892Ayr and Wigtownshire RailwayGlasgow and South Western Railway
The Girvan to Challoch Junction line absorbed by the larger company.
01/04/1894Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway
Girvan (New) renamed Girvan.
02/03/1942Maidens and Dunure Railway (Glasgow and South Western Railway)
Turnberry to Girvan closed to passengers.
28/02/1955Maidens and Dunure Railway (Glasgow and South Western Railway)
Girvan to Turnberry to Heads of Ayr [2nd] (Butlins Camp) closed to freight.
14/06/1965Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway
Number of trains on line increases after closure of the Portpatrick Railway. Trains are diverted to run via Mauchline to Girvan and the former Challoch Junction for Stranraer.